What Happened To Vapewild Website?

As of July 2019, it appears that the Vapewild website has been taken down. It is unclear what happened to the company or its website, but this post will provide some background on the company and what may have happened.

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Vapewild was one of the most popular online retailers for electronic cigarettes and vaping supplies, but the company’s website is now offline. It’s not clear what happened to Vapewild, but the domain is currently up for sale.

ECigarette Forum, a popular online community for vaping enthusiasts, has many threads speculating on the fate of Vapewild. Some users believe that the company has gone out of business, while others think that the website may have been shut down by authorities.

It’s unclear what will happen to Vapewild’s customers, but the company did not have a physical retail presence so there may be no way to return purchased items or receive refunds.

The Early Days

It all started back in the early days of vaping, when a couple of guys got together and decided to start a company that would sell high-quality vape gear at affordable prices. They called their company Vapewild, and it quickly became one of the most popular online vape shops.

Vapewild was known for its great customer service, low prices, and huge selection of products. It was one of the first online vape shops to offer free shipping, and it quickly became a go-to destination for vapers around the world.

However, in recent years, Vapewild has been through some turmoil. The company has changed ownership several times, and its website has gone through some major changes. As of 2019, the Vapewild website is no longer operational.

So what happened to Vapewild? Here’s a look at the history of this once-great vape company.

The Wild West

Vapewild was once a popular website for buying vaping supplies, but it has recently disappeared from the internet. Some users are speculating that the company may have gone out of business, while others believe that the website may have been taken down by the government.

The Modern Era

Since the beginning of the modern era, Vapewild website has been a reliable source of information on all things related to vaping. However, in recent years the website has begun to show signs of age, with outdated information and a lack of new content.

Despite this, Vapewild website remains one of the most comprehensive resources on vaping available online. Whether you’re looking for information on the latest products or advice on how to start vaping, Vapewild website is a great place to start your search.

The Future of Vaping

The future of vaping is uncertain. Vapewild was one of the largest and most popular online retailers of e-cigarettes and e-liquids, but they recently shut down their website. This has left many vapers wondering what will happen next.

There are several other online retailers that sell vaping products, but Vapewild was known for their low prices and wide selection. It’s possible that other retailers will try to fill the void left by Vapewild, but it’s also possible that the vaping industry will change in other ways. Only time will tell what the future of vaping holds.

The Business of Vaping

Vapewild was a website that sold vaping products. It was founded in 2013 and became one of the largest online retailers of vaping products. In 2018, the company was acquired by JUUL Labs, Inc.

JUUL Labs is a privately held e-cigarette and cannabis company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It is one of the largest e-cigarette companies in the world. The company’s products are designed to be alternatives to traditional cigarettes.

In November 2018, JUUL Labs announced that it had acquired Vapewild for an undisclosed sum. Vapewild was then shut down and its domain was redirected to JUUL’s website.

The acquisition of Vapewild by JUUL Labs highlights the consolidation that is taking place in the vaping industry. As the industry has grown, the number of players has decreased as the larger companies have acquired or merged with smaller ones. This trend is likely to continue as the industry matures and consolidates further.

The Health of Vaping

The recent news surrounding vaping has been bad, to say the least. In the past few months, there have been a spate of illnesses and even deaths associated with vaping, leading to a panic among vapers and those who use e-cigarettes. The situation has gotten so bad that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a warning against using any type of e-cigarette, particularly those containing cannabis products.

In light of all this bad news, it’s no surprise that many people are wondering what happened to Vapewild website. Vapewild was one of the biggest online retailers of vaping products, and it suddenly disappeared from the internet in early October 2019.

So what happened to Vapewild? The answer isn’t entirely clear, but it seems likely that the company shut down due to the negative publicity surrounding vaping. It’s also possible that Vapewild was acquired by another company or went out of business for financial reasons unrelated to the recent health scare.

Whatever the case may be, the sudden disappearance of Vapewild is a sign of just how quickly the tide can turn against vaping. Once seen as a harmless or even healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes, vaping is now facing intense scrutiny from regulators and the general public alike. Only time will tell if this is a temporary setback or the beginning of the end for the vaping industry.

The Community of Vapers

The vaping community is a tight-knit group of people who enjoy vaping together. Vapewild was a website that allowed vapers to connect with each other and share their love of vaping. However, the website recently disappeared.

What happened to Vapewild? There are a few theories floating around. One theory is that the website was taken down by the government because of regulations on vaping. Another theory is that the website simply shut down because it was no longer profitable.

Regardless of what happened, the vapers who used Vapewild are now without a community. Many of them have turned to social media to find new friends who vape, but it’s not the same as having a dedicated website like Vapewild.

The Technology of Vaping

The technology of vaping has changed a lot since its inception a little over a decade ago. The first electronic cigarettes were very simple devices, often just modified flashlights with a heating element and cartridge filled with nicotine solution. These days, there are all sorts of different designs, and the technology has gotten much more sophisticated.

The basic principle behind vaping is still the same, though. A heating element vaporizes a liquid, which then creates a mist or aerosable vapor that the user can inhale. This process is often called “vaping” because it looks similar to smoking, though there is no combustion involved.

There are all sorts of different liquids that can be used for vaping. The most common is probably e-juice, which is typically made from propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and flavorings. Some people also vape essential oils or dried herbs.


In conclusion, we do not know exactly what happened to Vapewild. The website is currently down and we do not have any information on when or if it will be back up.

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